Bianca, “Raised By”

I was raised by
Butt whipping
belt marks
better eat your veggies
“Don’t lie or stick
a needle in your eye”
Strict parents

Get up Early
Throw on long dresses
and dress suits
loud singing
instruments banging
Strong Preaching
Church Sundays

Get together
PJ’s ready
all in our snuggies
Popcorn popping
eyes closed
Scared under the blankets
Movie night Fridays

“Pack your Bags
were going on a trip”
running up and Down stairs
clothes flying everywhere
packing up in the car
world traveling like theres no tomorrow

Learning the real stuff
getting my hands dirty
cooking rice and beans
crab cake so good you want to swim
to the bottom and drown stuffing your face
feeling the heat in the kitchen
and the sweat coming down your face
when you smell that delicious creamy corn
being a young cook and the family get togethers

Bianca, “Raised By”

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