Edwin, “Raised By”

My grandma would yell at me
When i wouldn’t stop riding my bike
i would pass by the beaches to see the girls
The waves splashing

Baseball was my sport
The small ball hard to hit with the wooden bat
Me as catcher or second baseman
“El número 14 cual yo era
Waiting excited

Like a coqui
Singing “coqui coqui coqui”
A not so big frog
Only able to live in Puerto Rico
La isla del encanto
If I go back I feel brand new
Happy to be back on the island
Back from where I can from
Otherwise a bit of me is dead

Wen i did something wrong
My grandma would tell me
“No me va durar para’ piedra”
Sipping on her cafe con leche, cigarette by her side
Sitting on her flower couch

I was raised by weather
Hot, windy, chilly at night
Never cold
But always pleasant
Como ningún otro lugar
Love where i come from
Nothing like it i say
Pleasant at all times
For me no moment where i don’t like
To sing
i love my island like a coqui
When he sings
Coqui coqui
Puerto rico is all for me.

Edwin, “Raised By”

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