Helena, “Raised By”

I was raised in
That brotherly love,
“I got your back”,
Turn around and
Get shot
Kind of city.

I was raised by
“Welcome to our new home”,
I get comfortable,
“Sorry but we’re moving again”
Kind of lifestyle.

I was raised by
Look out for Iris
But listen to Gab,
“Wait are you guys even related?”
Kind of sisters.

I was raised hearing
“You know I’ll always love you”
But did she love the drugs more?
Well she’s clean now.
Kind of Mom.

I was raised with
“Is she even yours?”
“I don’t care I love her”
But yet that kind of love hurts.
Kind of “Dad”.

I was saved by
Recent cancer survivor,
Already raised her kids,
And picked up their slack
With a whole new set
Kind of Grandma.

Helena, “Raised By”

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