Jen M., “I Was Raised By”

I was raised by
Soul food
Bake mac & cheese
Collard greens
Fried chicken and corn bread
“ Enjoy my loves, I slaved over this hot stove ”
Kind of woman

A clean house
OCD mother
“ Don’t step on my mopped floor ”
Kind of woman

A deadbeat father
NO phone calls
“ When’s your birthday again ? ”
Kind of man

A military stepfather
Building and fixing
“ Let’s do some training ”
Kind of man

Grandma BBQing everyday in the summer
All the kids getting wet
Adults drinking and laughing
“ I will cherish these moments forever ”
Kind of days

Being the oldest
Most responsible
Babysitting every weekend and weekday
“ You’re the greatest ”

I was raised by
Rice and gandules
Boil chicken, pastalios
“ Quieres comer ”
Kind of woman
Coffee and crackers or
Bread and butter in the morning
“ Coffee is ready ”
Kind of woman

I was raised by
Love and hate
Achievement and disappointment
“ We want YOU to do better in life ”
Kind of family

Jen M., “I Was Raised By”

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