Jenniferlee H., “Raised By”

I was raised by
fresh smells of chicken and mashed potatoes
with the feeling of
sweat and dirt from the outside
type of kid

I was raised by
a decorating crazy, art loving
game loving with
“you’ll always be my baby”
on the go disappeared
type of mother

I was raised by
a football loving eagles fan
breakfast making , newspaper reading
comic drawing, drinking disappeared
type of father

I was raised with
A dark I don’t care, smoking loser
“get out of my room”
school skipping, self centered, constant guy taking
type of sister

I was raised by
a slobber loving, loyalty showing
best buddie , cuddling safely
jumping crazy, someone always here
type of dog

I was raised by
physical and mental abuse
liers, losers, downers
no good unhealthy, in and out of my life
“ I hate you I want nothing to do with you”
drinking, smoking
type of biological family

Jenniferlee H., “Raised By”

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