Lisamarie, “Raised By”

I was raised by
both my parents separately
mom always telling me
“ it’s okay baby you will see him soon “
cuz’ he only seen me in the summer
kind of mami

Kids around me always asking
“is your family still together?”
tears just ran down
no words could come out
a pain in my chest

Got to only see daddy
in the summer
sunny days went fast
“ don’t cry i’ll see you soon baby”
back with my mami I went
kind of daddy

Dreams and wishes
for my “perfect family”
tears of sadness and pain
Mom and dad remarried
wedding bells ringing
happiness in my eyes
my wish came true

Family night
movies and sing-a-longs
A cold wind- something different
a silent room and scary sadness
my daddy left apart of him with me .

I was raised .

Lisamarie, “Raised By”

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