Ramona, “Raised By”

I was raised by christian Grandma
loud mouth wild family that can
be a lot to handle
“Que tu ta’ haciendo!?”
Yelling abuelita

Love to party proud puerto rican
family that cook some good
pork that will make you
lick your fingers

I was raised by Dominican Dad
who has 8 kids
a little Sister that i adore and
a brother that jumps off the walls
dancing non stop

I was raised by aunt
that can drop it like its hot
uncle that calls all woman in the
family Suzy hype little cousins
that run everywhere
type of family

When trouble strikes the
screaming starts
ven aquí ahora mismo”

I was raised by Mom
that listens to aventura
bachata dancing
singing at the top of her lungs
obsessive cleaning
“ don’t step on my floor”
type of woman

I was raised by older Brother
that loves boxing
wishes that he
can be like Rocky
play fight with me all day
type of Brother

I was raised by Grandma
loving, caring, funny
dances to music
that sounds like stomping
dancing with angels now
how she is missed
type of woman

I was raised by a fun, loving
crazy, tough love family

Ramona, “Raised By”

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