Sergio, “Raised By”

I was Raised by
Doors wide open
The Tall Trees
Fruit surrounding the fields
Hearing the birds chirping

I was Raised by
Bright Sunlight
Piercing the Window Shades
Illuminating the Surroundings
Birds Chirpings

By the morning Dewdrops
Dripping From the Top Wide Leafs
Showering a New Morning
Reflecting The Shining Light of The Sun

Waking Up at Night Hearing the Echoes
Of the Coqui, Skirting Under the night Sky
Watching the Lizards and Ants walk by
Seeing the Difference Scenes from Morning And Night

Walking Down a Tall mountain
Reaching the Mountains of Trees
Until you Hear the Loud Honks of Cars Along the street
Reaching the Loud and Warm streets of Puerto Rico

Walking Alongside the Sidewalk
Catching a Sniff of the morning pastillos
Just Catching ur Noise and never letting go
Catching you as A Dog and Cat
Later to Catch the Evening Sun
Shine Bright Showering the Sky
Creating a Magical Horizon
That just seems to Split Reality and Fantasy Apart

Sergio, “Raised By”

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