Tijenna, “I was raised by my two younger brothers”

Never really understood life
until two people came into it.
Went with mommy to the doctors.
The white coat lady had her lay down
on a table with her shirt up,
she put cold invisible toothpaste on her belly.
I know that because mommy told me.

Than they were talking about stuff, thats when I started coloring on the floor.
Then I heard the lady in the white coat say,
“do you want to know the babies sex?”
I said “I know what we’re having, a baby brother.”
And the lady with the white coat said ‘’yes, exactly!’’
When she said that my mom had a smile like that famous
picture with lady in it, with the weird sad face smile.

One regular day with just a casual dinner at home with my
brother Timmy and father.
Weird conversation, great grandma screaming from the other room about what she don’t see.
Smelling the gross apple vinegar being poured into collard greens.
While forking down our food he pours his words while our mouths are full.

And says “you’re having a baby brother.”
Trying to swallow down fork fulls of food.
Just waiting for a cricket to power the awkward silence.
I blurred out “so, who did you do?”

My dad brushes it off with a grin on his face.
(Self conversation) ”so you waited that long to tell us we had a baby brother?, ok thats nice.”
With dimmed down conversation we finished our food.
than left to our rooms thinking about what just happend, just shocked.

As time and time again go on these boys
teach me so much about myself and them.
There isn’t one day I don’t notice something that had happened.
Half black and white kid with nice curly naps
is the sweetest and craziest kid you will ever come across.
Half black and Puerto Rican teenager still trying to find himsef
is looking up to everybody, anyone.

Even though I was the first born
doesn’t mean I wouldn’t learn anything from them because I do,
and I do for them as well. They teach how to be
a kinder person and to try and do more things in my life.
And I introduce how to be a there own person in their life.

And since we are our fathers children he see’s how awesome we are together
and how much we know as siblings and it’s amazing to him.
My brothers amaze me and I’m so grateful to have them in my life
no matter what.

I was raised by my two younger brothers.

Tijenna, “I was raised by my two younger brothers”

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