Vidura, “Raised By Family”

I was raised by a loud,
Breakfast in the morning,
Sunday dinners,
“Ya food aint here cuz i already ate it”
kind of family

A cool,Awesome,Hilarious,
Always something going on
“Come on everyone family picture!”
kind of family

I was raised by some religious,
Barbecuing,Football watching
“Come on ref, that was out of bounds!”
type of men

Some girl chasing,Video game playin,
Out all night,Always in trouble,Always saying
“You still can’t beat me little man”
kinda brothers

A hard working,ESPN watching,
Vegetarian, Cowboy movie loving,
“Its hard to fail in america”
sorta dad

I was raised by some loud,
Independent, Smart mouth,Church going
“Don’t get smart with me boy”
type of woman

Some boy crazy, Chris brown listening,
Cloth shopping,Always yelling
“Get out of my room!”
kinda sisters

A Kind,loving,Compassionate,
Heart too big for her chest,
“I get full just watching you eat”
sorta mom

I was raised by family

Vidura, “Raised By Family”

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