Zach, “Raised By”

I was raised with that music
that good old classic rock
that let’s the melody takes over your body
The Beatles, Who, Zepplin
rocking to Skynard’s guitar solo
that is now forever left in my mind.

Waking up on those Sunday’s
the intense feeling in the atmosphere
Its Game day at my house
the smell of BBQ in the air
Seeing everybody wear green
chanting E-A-G-L-E-S
It gives me that Philly pride.

Philadelphia freedom,
I grew up watching Rocky
always watching his persistence
it is his ego that he created
that makes me want to go to distance

In my hour of darkness
i think of words of wisdom
“Life is like a box a chocolates”
I keep that saying in my pocket
“May the force be with you”
Is my light source to their trojan horse
“There is only one thing
That makes a dream impossible
The fear of failure”
Suffering like hell
while the police enforce obedient behavior
These few sayings shape the way I think
Do not try to reverse it
because i won’t even blink.

Zach, “Raised By”

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