Kyron, “Not Considered Black”

Is it because I have respect that i’m not considered black? Is it because I don’t get involved with violence? Or is it because I’m calm laid back and don’t speak ghetto?

It totally shocking when a fellow student said you don’t seem black because you don’t fight. that was the day I realized how black people was viewed as violent and ruthless machines.

One day I was almost involved in a fight. The people who thought I couldn’t fight and thought I was nice and calm saw me differently saying “he’s black after all”.I thought about it and said damn , I just couldn’t believe being in a little situation like that made them realize i was black. It wasn’t that hard to tell from my brown skin.

I was also asked how come I’m not that good of a dancer? Then i said “because my legs don’t operate as well I was never learned to dance.Quickly they said, “You’re not black using a word like operate.” I thought about it saying I don’t get how being a bad dancer or saying long words doesn’t make me black…

I never liked the fact of judging a book by its cover,because you never know who they are in the inside as a person.They judged me my whole life because of how strictly I carried myself. I don’t know what’s better, learning how to do things to make everyone think I’m black ,or to let people criticize me about being different.

Kyron, “Not Considered Black”

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